Spiral Trough

Spiral Trough

Spirals trough

China Kunding Heavy-duty Machinery Co.,Ltd. has a wide variety of high-quality spiral troughs. Kunding Spiral trough is a kind of gravity separator used in processing fine ores with an enrichment of 75~150. A spiral trough consists of a helical conduit of parabola cross-section, feeder trough, spiral trough, a tank intercepting fine products, a funnel collecting concentrate and a support proping trough. So it is preferred in goldmine, silver mine, lead zinc mine, tin mine, ilmenite, pyrite, hematite, limonite, tantalite, non-metallic mineral slime,etc.


Operating principle

The working process of a spiral trough is as the following: first, spiral troughs are set up, and the vertical line is rectified, then they are fixed in a proper place by steel or wood; second, sand ore is input into the feed aperture by sand pump, and wash water is added to regulate pulp density. After the two steps, pulp will flow spirally from up to down. During the descending process, a kind of inertial centrifugal force is created on the crooss-section. As the pulp flows downward, sand and ore of different weight, granularity and shape will be separated under the influence of gravity and centrifugal force. Finally, concentrate will be obtained through pipe from the concentate funnel, and sand tailings will flow into sand basin and then flow away through sand pump.


Features and advantages

1.reasonable structure

2.easy installation, operation and maintenance

3.high capacity and high efficiency

4.stable performance and clear classification

5.high enrichment

6.moistureproof,rustproof and abrasion-resistance

7.small covering area

8.low noise


Product Origin: Kunming,China
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Brand Name: Kunding Mining Machinery

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