Supplying Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer

Kunding Rotary Dryer is a combination of advanced technology both at home and abroad .This machine is mainly used to dry the limestone slag,coal powder,slag,clay stone in the building material. It is also applied to metallurgical ,chemical and cement industries.


Operating Principle

A rolling cylinder which slightly inclines is the main part of a rotary dryer. The wet materials are fed from the higher end of the cylinder when the heating media are being sent through the lower end. Under the influence of the gravity, the wet materials flow downwards to the lower end and contact the heating media directly or indirectly. There is a stirring plate on the inner wall of the cylinder to stir materials continuously and make them have a full contact with airstream. Having been dried, the materials are conveyed to the discharg end .


Features and advantages

1. easy operation

2. high capacity

3.reasonable structure

4.low energy consumption


Product Origin: Kunming,China
Model Number: Ø1.5×12m
Brand Name: Kunding Mining Machine

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