Tailings Recovery Machine

Tailings recovery machine

Kunding Tailings Recovery Machine is used in iron mine to recover magnetic minerals from the tailings and reduce ore wastage. In this way, the resource can be fully used. At present, it is the newest equipment applied to tailings recovery and it plays an irreplaceable role in ore dressing line because of its high recovery which has made a new record in China.


Operating principle

Tailings Recovery Machine is composed of five main parts which are magnetic plates, ore-unloading equipment, ore collector, chute and body frame. After the pulp flows into the chute from one port of it, the magnetic materials will be absorbed on the surface of the magnetic plate fixed in the chute, and the nonmagnetic pulp will be discharged from the other port of it. Under the action of rotating magnetic plates, the magnetic materials are exposed from the pulp level and enter the unloading area. Being thrown into the ore collector by the ore-unloading chute, the magnetic materials will be collected and output by the ore collector.


Features and advantages

1.high capacity and recovery

2.low water consumption and energy-saving

3.abrasion-resistant magnetic plates

4.simple structure

5.long service life


Product Origin: Kunming,China
Model Number: GX-12
Brand Name: Kunding mining machinery

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